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Gday and Hej!
Im hayley, and i hate to make assumptions but i guess i should assume that youre reading this because youre interested in maybe making a booking with someone and therefore wondering what im all about, or at least .. a bit about me...

As you may have realised already....I am the kind of person who could probably write several pages and still not even get to the first point i meant to make...

I like to live in the moment, a lot.
I enjoy connecting with people and learning new things and just... feeling things and experiencing pleasure in different ways... and i really feel like it is a huge privilege to be able to have these kinds of experiences where i get to meet people and just focus on having fun and feeling good and getting to know things which are maybe some times hard to navigate otherwise...

I like to be upfront and honest, or perhaps i should say... its not like theres really another option from my perspective... i am always myself and apparently this makes me somewhat quirky or unique at times, but arent we all unique? apparently some are more unique than others haha

I never really cared about being normal, whatever that means, and i really prefer to just be genuine and real about things, so that i am comfortable and so that you can be comfortable and so that we can be in a space where we can understand each other and connect and not worry about what things maybe mean or dont mean...
As in, i am completely comfortable with saying if i am not into something or in making sure i am enjoying myself and usually i am apparently pretty good at making sure its possible we can both enjoy things to the max, haha if i dont say so myself.

I just offer things that i am comfortable with and enjoy, and as such i just charge for my time. (eg. 30 min blow job is the same price as 30 min full service or 30 min which starts with strip tease and includes kissing blow job fucking and massage... )

I also enjoy just hanging out and talking about all kinds of things, like really ... i am one of those people who always has a million tabs open and ends up spending hours reading about completely random topics just because i want to know more or understand something as much as possible... until i realise its 3am and i was meant to be doing something else that i have long forgotten. But you know.. you never know when it could come in handy! haha...

I am also a musician (flute is my first language ....i think...but i guess english is more practical most of the time.. )
My swedish is still pretty atrocious but you know... im getting slightly better now ... at listening LOL...

I can offer outcalls to most parts of Stockholm
(eg I come to you)

In our time together I'm happy to offer
My company - including borderline bad jokes,
Blow job (with condom)
Full sex
Cum on breasts
Spanish (between my boobs)

OUTCALL (to you)
30min 2000kr
60min 3000kr
2hr 5000kr
3 hour 6000kr

Please text me first -via SMS, WhatsApp or Kik - and let me know-
How long you'd like to book for?

pick me up in Tyresö
we can go nearby to a spot i know
quickie in your.car

1000kr/15min or

I can be paid in cash (SEK only) or swish or revolut or wise
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13 days ago

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