Avoid scams

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How to avoid scammers and stay safe

What can I do to protect myself?

Any social website will attract scammers. They all have the same goal: They want your money. The reasons they give you might vary:
- Prepay for a date or camshow without verification.
- Large booking fee, traveling costs or similar.
Need help for various reasons.
- Claim they've been scammed and therefor demand money directly to their account.
- For various reasons the name of their bank account is not their own. But is most likely the scammers real name...

These should all be red flags and why we want our members to utilize our great Diamond credit system. Offer to pay in Diamonds to show you're sincere. If they refuse and insists you send them cash then don't do it!

Even if you use different contact information and not your private, do not post it in public guestbooks, blog replies. Instead, send a private message and post it there. Or spammers can and will get a hold of it and send spam, scams and even blackmail. Please use common sense.
If you're getting threatening e-mail please save it and forward it to us in a support ticket. What ever they're claiming it is a lie. Do NOT pay.


How to spot a fake profile?

- It's a new profile. Scammers gets reported and the profile is removed so they don't stay very long.
They use a fake photo of a beautiful girl from other sites across the web. This is common so please use a image search!
- Sell content before you can book a date.
- They want to you to join another site to contact them.
- Their contact info is written with spaces between each letter to get around the word block on various sites.
- They don't write their contact info but says it's the same as their username which is usually because it's been blocked.
Also, if international scammers:
- They steal text from other profiles, yet not able to chat/talk in the same correct grammar or language.

They always have good reasons for asking you, a stranger online, to send them money. Any of these points should be a warningflag. Our Diamond system is a safer option for providers and clients, but it's not a guarantee, so please use common sense.

What can I do to help?

If you come across someone who tries to get you to send them money then please report them. Include as much information as you can such as chatlog/e-mails and anything else you have. If the report is justified we will remove and ban the account.
If you find the same fake profile on another website, report it to them as well. Unfortunately, not all sites will remove fake profiles (some add them themselves!) because they attract new members. Visit those sites at your own risk.

RosaSidan.ws - the diamond standard. Accept no fakes.


To place a report: PM Admin - Contact us

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