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Rosa Sidan Diamonds

What are Diamonds?
It's RosaSidan's internal credit system. You can purchase Diamond credits and spend them throughout our website.

What can I buy with Diamonds?
You can upgrade your membership to Gold or Platinum, purchase a top placement of your personal ad, send as gifts to other members or pay to get access to another members private folders or make them an offer of Diamonds!

What can I sell for Diamonds?
You can upload a photo series, videos and audio files to your private folders or for friends only and sell password or accept friends requests to other members.
Take a photo of your phonenumber and upload to a private folder.
As a booking or verification fee for your services such as live webcam shows, phone services etc.

Where do I see my Diamonds?
In your account area, click on Profile and under Quick info can you see New gifts and Credits.

Why should I use Diamonds?
With Diamonds your personal information is always safe as only usernames are displayed between members.
Great way to break the ice when contacting other members.
It's also a good way to avoid scammers as they are usually interested in cash only. - the diamond standard.

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