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I am: Man
Seeking a: Woman
Age: 32
Country: Sweden
City: Nässjö
About Me: Looking for casual hookups or even possible relationship -- but what I look for if I'm honest is a girl who enjoys roleplay (and doesn't mind if she sometimes (most of the time, really) ends up in a submissive role. I write for a living, so the making of stories comes naturally. Even if there's barely any sexual content that sparks to life between you (girl who replies or comes across this) and me (.. me, lol), there is room for doing things like voice recordings for novel audiobook entries, short stories and such. I would definately not mind it if you would sometimes get on your knees for other reasons than say, prayer or looking for something below normal eye level, but it isn't 100% required.

Petite body type and innocence are attractive as hell, but almost every girl has qualities that are beautiful, as well every girl her downsides. Lord knows, I've got both of those myself.

Talk with me, and maybe if things work out, we'll fuck, marry, make millions doing audiobooks, travel to a buddhist shrine where we'll both achieve Nirvana, or whatever.

As long as you find something that makes you go "well not entirely wasted", that's good enough to begin seeing what days and nights can bring.

Not interested in men. Please, I know, for some reason I am attracting you gay people at times, but no. I have tried, and it isn't that man and man fucks in way not pleasant. It's that you (man seeing this) and me (again, lol, me) don't attract me on that sort of level.

Trust me, I even met Johnny Depp in LA and spent the entire night with him and off our faces and there literally was moments where my cock and his mouth where <--> that much apart from connecting and even so, it s was with _RELIEF_ I managed to get it away in time to not make things _AWKWARD_ because he was kissing my dick, like.

Now compare that to an MS paint image of a girl in full 1600's dress made from ashes and burlap sitting walking down a road carrying seven dead baby kittens in each hand.


The girl is hotter even if she throws the dead kittens at me and yells in Kazakhistan slum accent about whatever.

That is versus Johnny Depp.

So please. I will be incredibly rude to anyone doesn't read or care about this. Like very-close-to-illegal rude.

Girls, you can wear whatever and do whatever and I'll only be rude when I feel like being rude to you. Not always.

(--< DISCLAIMER: You need to be able to travel to Nässjö where I live. I am somewhat ill (not talking about it here or for no reason but suffice it to say I have some trouble getting around. I live alone, though. Don't worry.
Body type: Thick
Height: 5'6" - 5' 11"
Hair: Skallig
Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
I am a: Client
Here for / selling: Escort, SugarRelation, MoneySlave, BDSM, Platonic, Phonesex, Images, Videos
Locale: Incall, Outcall, MeetUp
Languages: Swedish, English, Spanish
Contact Info
Phone: 0702006426
Kik: Mercystreetblues
Contact Email: Netherspice@gmail.com

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