New Updates!

We are working on updates to improve our website.

Our latest update:  New types of Relationships: Co-star, Sugarrelations, Sub and Dom. Add your new relationship and when the other member approves, it will be visible on both your profiles.

Previous announced update:
Platinum members can upload 4 more photos that will show on their profile page. With ever pageload a different photo will load. Clients are always looking for new and updated content on profiles and a great way to get more visitors to visit.

Surf profiles incognito! This is for our Gold members only. Go to Account settings > Privacy and check the box and you will not show up under Latest visitors of the profiles you visit.

Note: We accept prepaid cards; so-called giftcards for descreet payments to upgrade your membership or buy diamonds.

Platinum members adult content it now visible to guests. That means visitors who are not members can see your adult content too. If you don't want guests to see your adult content you can always edit the album and uncheck that option at any time.

Near me search by radious. The city in your profile will show on the map and show you who's near you. Move on the map to see other cities, use the paramaters to only see profiles matching your prefences. The last 1000 logged in members will show. This feature is included with your upgraded membership for unlimiated searches, or cost 1 diamond per search for regular members.

We have added Polls for members. Upgraded members can post 1 poll per day, max 10 polls. Regular (free) members can post one poll per day at cost of 2 diamonds per poll, max 10 polls.

Platinum members can turn off Send Wink.

Platinum members can now choose to show their adult photos and videos to all visitors incl Guests for more exposure. When adding or edit your content you can check the box: Display adult content to Guest.

Personalized gift! You can now send a image of your choice and choose the amount of diamonds to send to another member. Your photo will only be visible to the receiver and never show on the frontend of profiles.

Upgraded members blogposts now Featured on the blog browse page in random order.

Featured Members now have their content Featured on both Pictures and Videos pages. They are displayed in random order to give everyone equal amount of exposure.

Featured member spot is now included in Gold and Platinum memberships and will be listed under Featured members in a random order. Regular members can pay as usual to Feature their profile.

Recent activities on My Page is now not just from your friends, but also from all Upgraded members both Gold and Platinum members.

To get your profile and content featured and listed on everyones My Page upgrade your account here.

We have moved the icons for people on phones. In the top menu you will now see the house icon for My Page for a quicker access to your page.

As always, if you have any questions, just contact RosaSidanAdmin
Thank you
Rosasidan crew.

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