New great features added

We are adding new exiting features to make our site even better. Some of the features we have added so far:

For all members:

- More Privacy settings! For example: Be able to set Profile and/or Personal ad to be visible to Members only, or Upgraded members only. Good for those not comfortable to openly post their personal information to the world.

- Only accept PMs from friends or upgraded members. Upgraded (paid) membership is a great way to show sincerity and now we offer to only allow contact from those members. Go to Settings > Privacy and review your settings.

- When a member ban another member, then it bans both ways.

- View type of ad in Personal Ads listing: ★ = Pinned ad, ♥ = Platinum ad,
☉ = Gold ad, = Regular ad. Pinned ads will always be ontop, preferred ads will always be above regular ads and why new regular ads are below pinned and preferred.

For upgraded members:

- New profiles are viewable by upgraded members only for 24hrs.

- New Members page to see the latest registered profiles and the option to view each gender group.

- View the registration date and the last login date on profiles.

- Be able to contact members with full pm boxes or with privacy setting to upgraded members only.

You can always stay anonymous and upgrade by either participate in our referral program, or use a giftcard.

We will continue to update and improve our site so stay tuned for more exiting features!

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